Advertise Your Website For Free – Seven Simple Free Website Promotion Ideas You Can Use Now

You have a website or blog, it’s up and running. You have products and services to sell. You have even added a form with a special freebie for your site visitors and done everything you’ve read about getting your site looking good, but you’re not getting the visitors you want. What is wrong? Read on to learn about how to advertise your website for free and getting free promotion to increase your website visibility and the number of visitors.

Keep going any promotions you’ve already started. You need to keep doing what you’re already doing if you are getting any results. If you aren’t getting any results, stop doing it and look at another option. There are plenty of ways to promote and advertise your website for free.

Patience will be rewarded with traffic. Experiment with all kinds of options to get free traffic and use the ones that work the best, discarding the ones that don’t work at all. Trial and error, measure and test is the way to find the best options for you. Each promotion method is likely to bring a trickle of targeted visitors at the very least.

Here are seven easy to use tips to get yourself some free promotion.

  • Ensure you register with the major search engines and find directories to list your website. You can stick with the free ones to start with. Note the paid directories and consider them later as you put back some of your profits into marketing.
  • Trade links with similar websites.
  • Get backlinks by using forums, posting intelligent comments on others posts and blogs, write for article directories and join social networking sites. Spend time creating your bio in every site you join and include your website. Participate and help answer questions. Use your keywords in your posts if possible.
  • Experiment with free classified ads to boost your website recognition. Make sure you set up a new, free email account to cope with any spam you might get. Try Craigslist and others. You could even try offline ads. The great thing about free ads is that you can put yours in related topics, looking for people who weren’t specifically looking for what you offer, but might be interested.
  • Banner ads still have some effect if used well. Try putting banners on other’s sites, if you can get them ‘above the fold’. That is, if they are placed in the top part of the screen.
  • Join free ezines that let you post ads if you are a member and experiment with different ads to see how you go.
  • Write articles for ezines and include your website or product promotion in your author bio.

You can really do a lot to advertise your website for free and get promote your website without breaking the bank. It just requires some creativity. The great thing about free advertising, is that you can afford to experiment.