Tanning Salon Promotional Ideas: Salon Videos Gone Viral

Tanning salon promotional ideas can be used the same way other salons like, beauty and nails, promote themselves to get the word out about their services and how great they are.

Online marketing using videos as a promotional idea for your tanning salon can be lucrative and great for exposure. As discussed in our other online marketing salon videos about what how to create videos about your product, the most important aspect is how to get your promotional ideas, products and services offered by your salon known to the public.

1. Social Media Outlet: Social media is an excellent venue to spread the word about your latest promotion and specials. You want to be careful not to over promote because people will eventually tune out and get tired of being bombarded with your message.

The types of Social Media I’m referring to is the big (3) three – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Each of these sites have the ability to share with others. You can share your latest tanning salon promotion on your personal Facebook page, Fan page, twitter account and YouTube channel.

When running your salon promotional ideas ask your Fans to share the information. You can actually create a giveaway for the person who shares the promotion with the most friends or tweets about the most within 24 hours. This is a great strategy to engage your audience but it also helps your body tanning salon promote its product, services and/or offer.

2. Email 2 Share: I know in today’s fast paced environment email seems almost nonexistent. But let me tell you it is still a very powerful tool that all salons should continue to use and promote. You can share your online marketing video with your customer email list outlining your tanning salon promotion idea. At the bottom of the email you can include a link that lets them share with their friends. Before you know it your video has gone viral because you have used your tanning salon database to get the word out.

3. Have an opinion: As a salon owner it is vital that you look, research and view other related businesses videos to get promotional ideas for your tanning salon and beauty salon. The key to researching other videos in your field is to be interactive while you are in the process. Leave a comment on their YouTube channel expressing how you enjoyed their video. When you do this it leaves your YouTube channel name on the comments giving your salon and its promotions more exposure.

There are two types of comments you can leave via YouTube. I suggest doing a combination of both……Comments using text and video responses. YouTube lets you respond to someone else’s video with a video, which is pretty cool. This is a great tool for search engine optimization if used properly.

Utilizing these insider tips to promote your ideas for your tanning salon and other beauty ventures can be very useful in getting the word out about your specials, offers and services.